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My dental experience

I switched practices a few years back because I was having problems with mouth pain and bleeding gums etc. I was unaware that my mouth was slowly but surely declining, but alarmed because my former dentist did not seem overly concerned with the condition I was in.
I was diagnosed with periodontal disease and over the next several months Dr. Reish and in particular, Donna Bevan re-educated me (who knew there is a right and wrong way to floss?) and worked with me to improve my overall dental health. Any question was answered and Donna went to great lengths to work with me in a friendly and encouraging but professional manner in my quest for restoring my mouth back to an acceptable condition.
I no longer dread the visits and my gums etc. no longer bleed or cause me pain. Over the past few years, there have been many visits to the office for a variety of issues, and everyone has been welcoming and genuinely helpful, professional, and friendly. One by one my husband, two children and ninety-something mother-in-law all switched over to Dr. Reish's practice and they have all received the same dedicated care from the entire staff.
This truly is a family-oriented practice and I can honestly say that we all feel that we are getting excellent care, including follow-up courtesy calls after certain procedures to make sure all is well. Dr. Reish has emphasized the importance of picking up the phone and calling even if it's the weekend and you need help, and I'm positive he means it.
There isn't one thing negative to say — these dedicated professionals are the real deal and I feel confident in their wisdom and in the recommendations that they have made. I am thankful and very grateful for what they have done for me personally and no longer look at dental hygiene as a chore. No telling where I'd be without their expertise and am so grateful to be receiving such excellent care. Thanks again. You're the best at what you do!
Heidi Eckles
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